About Us

The G&A Hamilton mixed farming partnership holds the tenancy at Ramrig Farm, near Duns in the Scottish Borders.  The partnership consists of George and his wife Avril, and George’s father, William.  Although the farming partnership of G&A Hamilton was only established in April 2005, George and his father have been farming at Ramrig for much longer as part of various different partnerships, with his father taking over the tenancy in 1964.

The farm runs to 510 acres, with the main crops being wheat, barley, oil seed rape and oats.  In recent years, we have bought in stores for finishing, turning over 150 in a year.

In 2001, George decided to establish a small pedigree Blonde herd with three in-calf heifers.  The herd has now grown to three stock bulls and ten cows/heifers.  A few years later, George took the decision to introduce a number of suckler cows and to start breeding our own beef cattle, with a view to taking them all the way through.  Since then, we have gradually increased the numbers of cows to the present number and consequently now buy in few, if any, stores.