Our Herds

We now have 32 pedigree British Blondes  and 20 pedigree Limousins.

Stock bulls:
We currently have one Blonde stock bulls:  Ramrig McGarrett and two Limousin stock bulls: Homebyres Niven and Tweeddale Newman.

Young Bulls:
We have one young Blonde bull  and two young Limousin bulls born in 2019 which are available for sale. We have a further seven young Blonde bulls and one Limousin young bull all born in 2020, which will be available for sale later in the year.  With another 5 Blonde and 2 Limousin bull calves born in 2021, we have some good prospects for next year.

Female breeding stock:
We now have 11 home-bred Blonde cows and 6 Limousin cows; along with 4 Blonde bulling heifers and a further 6 Limousin bulling heifers.

We also have three Blonde heifer calves born in 2020 and one 2020 Limousin heifer calf, as well as the five 2021 calves that have arrived.



In addition to the 17 pedigree cows, we currently have 43 suckler cows .  All are now enjoying being outside on the grass with their calves.

We sell our finished animals through Harrison & Hetherington’s St Boswell’s market and direct to AK Stoddart.

OTHER NEWS:  As members of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme, our herd has been accredited as BVD free since November 2011 by the CHeCS.