Our Herds

We now have 34 pedigree British Blondes in our herd and this year have added 4 pedigree Limousins.

Stock bulls:
We currently have two Blonde stock bulls:  Ramrig Gael Force and Ramrig McGarrett.

We now also have two Limousin stock bulls: Homebyres Niven and Tweeddale Newman.

Young Bulls:
We have five young Blonde bulls born in 2018 which will be available for sale later in the year.

Female breeding stock:
We now have 15 Blonde cows (all bar two are home-bred), as well as 1 young Blonde heifer born in 2017 who will be put to the bull this year.  This year, we have also purchased two Limousin bulling heifers.

In 2019, we have had a further 4 young bull calves and 4 heifer calves.


We currently have 51 suckler cows and 5 bulling heifers.  With all bar one cow calved , our calving has been the usual mix of success and visits from the vet, and all are now out enjoying the spring sunshine.

We sell our finished animals through Harrison & Hetherington’s St Boswell’s market and direct to Scotbeef.

OTHER NEWS:  As members of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme, our herd has been accredited as BVD free since November 2011 by the CHeCS.